Ninfea Terra 183

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The Ninfee Collection is a continuous relationship between opposites.
Oltremondano has explored the sculptural quality of the materials used.
The Ninfee lamps are flowers that emphasize the creative dialogue between light and shadow; lamps, and at the same time, sculptures; blades of light, and at the same time, petals that shape the empty space.
All flowers are hand-folded, making every piece unique in itself.
The gold leaf is applied with patient and skilled hand craftsmanship; the precious material and the delicacy of the workmanship combine to give Ninfee lamps their evocative charm.
All Oltremondano lamps are made entirely in Italy.



Floor lamp: H 183 cm. – Ø 50~55 cm.
Metal base and stem: aluminium painted or gold leaf

Aluminium painted diffuser: Nte 183 Alu
Opal methacrylate diffuser: Nte 183 Plexi
Gold leaf diffuser: Nte 183 Gol

E27 – max 150W


Acceso / ON

Spento / OFF

PLEXI: opal methacrylate


ALU: aluminium painted

GOL: gold leaf