New Nebula Applique

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Nebula is a work of absolute craftsmanship.
Oltremondano has melted the traditions of Murano Glassmasters and Burano Lace to create a lace work glass: refined, beautiful and always unique.
The creation of each Nebula sphere requires a team of Glassmasters in a complex coreography of precisely timed movements.
The single suspension captures your attention like an exclusive jewel, while the Nebula composition shines like a constellation of stars.
Nebula is entirely made in Italy.



Ceiling lamp
Depth 18,5 cm. – Diffuser Ø 12 cm.
Chromed frame Ø 12 cm.

Handcrafted glass CRYSTAL: NeAp 12 G9 CR
Handcrafted glass AMBER: NeAp 12 G9 AM

G9 = max 10W


Handcrafted glass CRYSTAL

Finitura Crystal

Handcrafted glass AMBER