Oltremondano produces lamps and objects that are out of the ordinary. A Company where the coexistence of contrasting styles has created a winning combination.

Tradition and innovation are present in every aspect of our creative process. In our philosophy, tradition is represented by the importance of the project in hand, the high quality of the product, in our attentive customer care and after-sales support. Innovation can be seen in our research, in creative new ways to promote products, in our environmentally-friendly approach to the production process, and in our ability to attract an international market while keeping „Made in Italy“ as a strong point.

In every project Oltremondano blends design with craftsmanship and technology: ancient hand-made processes are rediscovered and interpreted in new forms: the age old fascination of light is recreated and made more efficient using the advances of modern technology. The flexibility of our team allows us to create custom-made lamps and personalize projects.